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"What we always ask to all schools and across all differences of physiognomy, it will touch the soul and the senses, elevate the intellect and enlightening. "(Eugène Delacroix)




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Le Livre d'Art




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Tuition and workshop groups (all levels)
Many students training ...
WORKSHOP VAUREAL (three groups: three levels) - 1999
WORKSHOP SANTEUIL (two groups: two levels) - 2005/2011

" These works exist only because at some point you stopped time and have laid your eyes on a landscape, a flower, a face, a body, a fruit or object and you have found it beautiful . And your paintings, drawings immortalize the vision you have of this beauty. This look is what brushstroke that gently walks on the canvas, leaving the option of inspiration traces or color buttons that magically reveal your soul.

You give us a lesson of wisdom, for if we could all take time, moments, just like you before your easel to watch and contemplate not just see what surrounds us, only with eyes and heart ; enclosing our ideas, our beliefs, our judgments in one of the cupboards of our brain, we would feel lighter, available and tolerant. I think we all, painters or not, are able to achieve this miracle still have to want it and believe it.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen artists to show us and dare to show us, everyone at your level, what you are able to realize and unveil a part of yourself beyond appearances.

I also thank Jean-Marc RIVES who can transmit to his students beyond the technique, passion. It's sort of the therapist, which opens the path of self-discovery, faculties that are in each of you and that day after day you discover. "

Jean-François MICHEL - Mayor of Santeuil



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Site of the students of Santeuil :

Exhibition of students of Santeuil 13 June 2009 :


ECHO REGIONAL December 3, 2010
Oil on grounds of Jocelyne BEILLARD (5th year student)

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LA RÉGION DE BONNIÈRES vue par les peintres et les écrivains

Mairie-boissylaillerie commission-animation




Book on local history Once upon a time Vauréal was released in late 1999 as part of the Book Fair "Memories of our century."
For this occasion, a new contest was offered to the entire population in particular in schools and the library where the Ladies Gilles writing workshops were led by Jean-Marc RIVES, poet and writer.
Nearly three hundred "young writers" were inspired by the imposed sentence: this was the year ...
The success of the competition encouraged the Municipality to edit sixty newly selected among the different age groups participating.

The winners of 1999 are:

Chantal Hugues Luka and the Villegeorges in the category adultesAnne Goubert and Laureen Benhamou in the category adolescentsHélène Dinh and David Badiane in the children category
Congratulations and thank you to all participants!

The Town Hall